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US assets could be an interesting diversification opportunity for investors willing to benefit from attractive bond yields, among DM bonds, sound earnings growth and USD resilience. US assets are in favor in 2019, but selection will be key: Amundi ETF offers a comprehensive US Equities and US Fixed Income range to help investors implement their convictions.


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US economy and markets views

The robust performance of the US economy in 2018 has led to the supremacy of US risk assets compared to the rest of the world. Moving towards the end of the year and into 2019, global investors have started to raise questions about whether the US economy and business sector will continue to shine, how inflation will evolve, and which direction the Federal Reserve will take going forward.

US economy in great shape but reaching the peak

Source : Amundi research . Data as of October 31, 2018.

Multiple ways to make the most of US fixed-income markets

Amundi ETF offers a wide array of US fixed income solutions to benefit from US market opportunities:

Adopt an SRI approach on US Corporates

Implement a “flight to quality” strategy in the US bond market

Hedg portfolios against inflation

Hedge portfolios against US rate hikes

Capture yield in the Corporate IG universe